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One of my first clients asked me during our first meeting: “which guarantee do I have that you indeed make your promises come true?”

I understood what he meant. The sale or purchase of a house is the most important financial transaction of our lives. To commit yourself to an agent you barely know, demands a blind faith. Therefore I agreed with him that he did not owe me anything as long as his house was not sold. And that he could withdraw his assignment at any time without any fuss or penalty charges. Those agreements work out greatly for the both of us. I gained his trust and the sale went perfectly according to plan.

Proudly, many years later, I can refer potential new clients to the positive testimonials of previous clients.

Nevertheless, we still work with the same “no cure, no pay” principle. That gives every client a safe and confident feeling and keeps us extra sharp and on top of our game. Every new client means a new challenge to achieve the best results. With as a reward a pleased customer.

I hope you will let us prove ourselves to you as well.

Do you have any questions after reading our website, or are you interested in a free consultation with no commitments? Please contact us! We happily make an appointment and answer your questions.

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