As a certified and sworn appraiser I can help you with every valuation. I am a member of the NVM and NWWI and registered at VastgoedCert under number RMT07.111.508. My appraisals are accepted by every bank and financing institution.

You can use my valuations for:

  • applying for a new mortgage;
  • to modify a current mortgage;
  • taxes;
  • financial liquidation in case of divorce;

For a NWWI-valuation (under the strict guidelines of the Dutch HouseValuation Institute) we charge €450,- including taxes and all other costs.The charges for a valuation of a property above €500.000,- is indeliberation.

When you would like a valuation for the purpose of deciding to buy or sell a house, you do not need an official valuation report. In those cases, I can make a valuation for a reduced commission (or in case of a selling decision even for free; see the button ”What is the value of your home?”.