There are most often two different kind of situations. Therefore we offer you the choice:

1)Your private buying agent for €1.795,- excluding taxes

You will go house hunting yourself, make viewing appointments yourself and will view the houses yourself. Once you have found the house that appeals to you, you will tell the selling real estate agent that you would like a second viewing with your own realtor. We will make an appointment to view the house together with you. From then on we will work as described under point 2) from*

2) Your purchasing agent from beginning until after the move-in: 1,5% excluding taxes

We will be your personal buying agent with a no cure, no pay agreement. Based on your needs and wishes we will go house hunting for you and do everything we can to find you that one special house.

When we find a house that fulfils your requirements/demands, we will email you the details. This is also how you will be notified of new houses that go on the market, and are not yet to be found on the internet. You are the first in line!

If one of these houses appeals to you, we will make an appointment for a viewing and go see the house together. We will survey the home and look over all the details for you. Of course, once it all has sunk in and you would like to view the house another time, we can always have a second viewing.

*Second viewing
A second time you will look at a house differently, more practically. Therefore, it is always sensible to view a house at least two times to be able to judge well. We will research all the important and relevant aspect and discuss with you the pros and cons of the house.

We will discuss with you what we think is the maximum value of the house.

Negotiations and transfer
If you are still interested in buying the house after considering all the pros and cons, we will jointly decide on an opening bid. We will then negotiate on your behalf with the seller or his real estate agent. When we have reached an agreement, we will take acquisition after the notary transfer.

Or…continue the search
It may be the case that the house is not what you are looking for, or that the transaction fell through because the foundation is in a bad shape, or because the seller does not agree with your final offer. No problem, there are more houses for sale and we will continue our search.

Een volledig overzicht van onze werkzaamheden bij de aankoop van uw woning ziet u in het aankoopschema.