Finding a house in Amsterdam that meets all your wishes and requirements, can be challenging. And, when you manage to find that one house, there is a big chance that someone else is interested in it as well. You surely need to be on top of everything and be able to act quickly.

And even when you are the only aspirant buyer, are you really sure about everything? Are you able to judge the true value of the home? Every neighbourhood has its own prices that can even vary from street to street. The choices can be overwhelming and confusing. Furthermore, you probably have to take it up against the realtor of the seller, an expert. Are you able to deal with that?

And how about for instance the architectural state of the house, the foundation, the ground lease, and the association of owners? You won’t be the first “do it yourself” buyer who forgets to think about these important questions.

“Do it yourself” to save money will only cost you money. Whatever you think to save on realtor commissions you will have to pay in three-fold when you are confronted with construction or legal problems.

Advantages of Alice Bakker Makelaardij:

  • From €1.995,- excl.taxes. you can count on us as your private buying agent. (See our rates for the possibilities).
  • No conflict of interests, as we are paid by only one party. When you assign us as your buying real estate agent, you will be sure that we look after your interests only, and not the interests of the seller.
  • You are the first in line; we keep you updated about new house offerings, sometimes before they are put on the internet. That’s how you have the biggest opportunity to find ánd buy the house that satisfies your wishes.
  • You are taking no risks, are advised on the value of the property, and will not be confronted with problems after you take ownership
  • No cure, no pay. You do not owe us anything as long as we have not found and bought a house for you. We do not charge any registration fees or cancellation fees.