Would you like to go ahead and hire us as your selling real estate agent? We would love to be your agent!

Sales assignment

After we agree on the asking price and the marketing approach, we will put all our agreements and conditions – such as the asking price, no cure no pay, and the no-penalty termination option – into a sales assignment. This sales assignment does not include any small print and covers just one page. More text is not necessary for our clear and honest conditions.

Sales brochure

We will do research for, and gather all relevant information about, your property. We will have pictures taken by a professional photographer and your home measured for the floorplan. Once we have completed all this information, we will make the sales brochure and presentation of your house. Of course we will ask for your approval of the brochure concept and design.

Sales campaign

We will place our prominent Sales Sign on your home and start the sales campaign. We will contact potential listed buyers and present your house on the internet via Funda, Jaap, Huislijn and the website of the Realtor Association Amsterdam (MVA) and through social networks like Twitter and Facebook.


When a potential buyer makes a request to view your house, we will make an appointment with them and ask for your approval. As we need to keep the potential buyer happy, we adjust our agenda to the wishes of the buyer. When asked, we also do viewings in the evenings and on Saturdays.


After every viewing we will contact you for feedback and of course keep you updated whenever we hear back from a viewer. We will regularly keep in contact about the sales process and of course you may always call us whenever you have questions or remarks.

Negotiations and sell

Once we have found you the right buyer, we will negotiate about the buying price in close collaboration with you. After reaching an agreement, we will make sure all the agreements are put down in a contract and make sure that the contract is signed by you and the buyer as soon as possible. We will ensure that the buyer does all that is possible to get the acquired mortgage and puts down the security deposit. We will check the notary contracts and settlement and accompany you at the notary. In short, we will look after the entire sale until after the transfer. Our job is only done when your house is transferred to the satisfaction of all parties. And of course you, as well as the buyer, can count on us even after the ownership transfer.