The Dutch capital, Amsterdam, is a big and culturally rich city. The city centre as well as the metropolitan area are very diverse. Buying a house or apartment in Amsterdam gives you plenty of options on the one hand, but is challenging on the other. Once you’ve let your eyes fall on a house you have to make sure to act swiftly. As a real estate agent in Amsterdam Alice Bakker Real Estate is happy to provide assistance in buying the house or apartment of your dreams.

As long as your property isn’t sold, you will absolutely not pay anything at all. Nothing. no start-up costs and of course no costs whenever you decide to stop using our services. Only when we are successful in selling your house, you will pay us commission.

As an experienced real estate agent in Amsterdam we understand the emotions that come into play when buying a house very well. You might get doubts at one point. Maybe you find it difficult to determine the value of a house or apartment. With Alice Bakker, the Real Estate agent in Amsterdam, at your side you get assistance from a registered real estate agent that knows every corner of the city. We have your best interests at heart and will make sure that the process of buying a house will be as smooth as possible. Our services will prevent you from running into any architectural, technical or legal problems.

Looking for a real estate agent in Amsterdam? Alice Bakker Real Estate is happy to help you. For more information about our services you are free to contact us. Our phone number is +31 (0)20 7371435. Alternately you can use the contact form on our website.

The best real estate agent in Amsterdam

Alice Bakker Real Estate is known as one of the best real estate agencies of Amsterdam. We assisted many people in finding the house of their dreams. Why should you pick us when you want to buy or sell a house or an apartment in Amsterdam? We’ll list you several reasons:

  • Registered real estate agent in Amsterdam and member of NVM and MVA.
  • Low commission. As a real estate agent we do not own an expensive offensive and have low overhead costs. Check out our rates pages for more information.
  • No cure, no pay. We will only charge you for our services once we’ve achieved success. We also charge no start-up costs.
  • First in line. We will keep you constantly updated on developments on the housing market. Often we’ll inform you on new possibilities before they have even been put in the internet.
  • A safe choice. Our low commissions, the ‘no cure, no pay’ principle and our expertise form a great recipe for success.
  • Low risk. You can always withdraw from our services without any additional costs.
  • Flexible working hours. We don’t have a nine to five mentality.

Buy a house in Amsterdam with Alice Bakker Real Estate

Alice Bakker exists of several Real Estate agents in Amsterdam that will go all the way for you. You can employ us on the basis of the ‘no cure, no pay’ principle. That means we will charge you a tailormade commission quote that you will only have to pay after we have achieved success.

As your personal real estate agent in Amsterdam our services begin with finding you a house or apartment in Amsterdam that meets all your wishes and requirements. Alternately you can do the house hunting yourself and employ us the moment a certain house or apartment has peaked your interest. After finding this house we will make an appointment for one of more viewings. We will come with you and keep an eye out for certain details. As a real estate agent we will look at other relevant aspects than you might. We will also assess the estimated value of the house or apartment.

If after the viewing you still have a legitimate interest to buy the house or apartment in Amsterdam we will start deciding on a bid and negotiate on your behalf. Once we have come to an agreement you can count on our assistance to the very end. If it turns out the house is not what you are looking for after all we will simply continue our search for a house or apartment that is more fitting of your wishes and requirements.

Contact us for more information

Do you want to buy a house or apartment in Amsterdam and are you therefore looking for a real estate agent in Amsterdam? Then you have come to the right place. Alice Bakker Real Estate would be happy to assist you. Our personal and flexible approach, proactive mentality, up-to-date market knowledge and clear communication will benefit you greatly. For more information contact us by calling +31 (0)20 7371435 or sending a message via the online contact form.